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New organisation has launched to protect nightlife in the UK

With a number of clubs in the UK shutting in the last few months, notably in London, a new organisation’s been launched to counteract further closures and highlight the importance of nightlife.

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Are clubs getting too crowded to actually dance

Recently I was at Half Baked at Studio 338, a big venue in south-east London more than capable of holding a couple of thousand ravers. Though the music was on point, with a killer line-up including Tama Sumo and Motor City Drum Ensemble, everyone in my crew felt claustrophobic. Thankfully the bar was not an issue and neither were the toilets, but space on the dancefloor was scant, leading to friction – people shoving themselves through the crowd, others finding it difficult to dance and a general feeling that there were just too many people in the dance. Sadly, gone are the days when you could really let loose while dancing to house or techno – no more evident in the antagonism directed towards shufflers who are often lambasted for ‘taking up too much space’. If you go to most clubs nowadays you’ll find people simply side-stepping and bopping up and down; constrained by the lack of space, they never get to truly go for it. Over the last few months I’ve heard untold complaints from people about overcrowding at parties like The Hydra to Fabric and XOYO.

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